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Awesome story. Could not love it more! Superb story-tell, and wonderful last line. That is how you hit a home run. Good job.
Terrific story. Love it!
I loved this piece! It was very fluid and as a reader I felt myself there with the others. Good build up. I would have liked more dialog esp. from Jerry. The ending was lovely! How romantic!
This was well written from beginning to end. I loved your descriptions of the church picnic. One problem though--I've always felt a proposal should be a private affair. This makes it more romantic. Otherwise, well done.
This was an emotional read and what restraint you used in keeping Kylie prayerful that whole time. It would have been easy to make her a character who manipulated him to stay or be with her but this played out as God wanted. As a reader, I feel blessed you played it out as you did. Excellent!
Beautiful example of a Godly courtship. Good story. :-)
Such depth, such detail, such love! Fantastic!
Wonderful story! I kinda' expected the ending, though it still grabbed my emotions when it came. You hit that "homerun" someone before me mentioned with the build-up and Kylie's pursuit of God's Will. No hint of "poor me, whatever will I do?" from her. As I put myself in Kylie's place (via your POV) I was allowed to experience Jerry's gift to her in the last line with the same impact she did.

I don't know if I said this very well; it's my way of saying "Masterful story-telling!"
Wonderfully descriptive and lovely. I was so pleased at the ending - you had me rooting for them from the start!
Wonderfully descriptive and lovely. I was so pleased at the ending - you had me rooting for them from the start!
I love Jerry and Kylie. They seem to be a very sweet couple truly trying to set a good example for today's youth. This was well written.
Wonderful characters! I could easily relate to them and loved the story being told through Kylie! The ending (of course!) was my favorite. Great writing! ^_^
I liked your surprise ending. Good job. I would suggest when you proof read your stories try to eliminate the words "had" and "has" whenever possible. I have to proof read for the over use of the word "that". In fact I just eliminated two unnecessary "that's" from this message.
I was on pins and needles hoping it would end this way! Wasn't sure because you never know ... ;)

Beautiful writing - really good work.
You painted a wonderfully complete and colorful picture here. Past, present and future - all three coming into play to make this romance so fullfilling.
Great job!
Loved it! At first, I wondered if Jerry was simply clueless, but to know that he not only had a clue, but a plan--wow!!

Very well done!
Excellent story. Brave man to propose in front of all that crowd. I really liked this.
I wanted it to end like this, and you made me wait until the very last second to see if it would! Great way to hold the reader's attention. Awesome writing and good description... Blessings, Cheri
Oh, how beautiful. I saw the ending coming, but not 'how' it would happen.
As other's have commented, I agree that it makes it more beautiful that she left it to God's timing and didn't try to manipulate the situation.
What a beautiful story, presented well. The title would implying lots of things. Wonderful surprise ending. Loved it. Great job.
I so enjoyed reading this. What a wonderful story and I was all a flutter when I read the ending. :)
"God gives His best to those who leave the choices to Him" certainly fits this love story. Well done and special!
Wonderful romance. I enjoyed the realistic struggle between what she wanted (to embrace him) and what she knew she needed to do to be a good example to the youth.
I hoped for this ending and was not disappointed.
Crissy, girl, you just keep getting better and better. Superb effort. God bless.
A delightful story, Chrissy. Wonderful characters. Less backstory at the beginning and it would have been purrrfect. :-)
AAAAWWW! Didn't see that coming!