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Cute - and ironically, we're watching a Book of Pooh video while reading this charming tale :)
Very cute!
This was quite cute, right down to the title. Nice lesson as well!
Cute, well written story. I'm was just sitting here feeling kind of worthless, so this story was a great reminder. Thanks for the smiles.
This is very nice! I like the fairy-tale feel and tone of it, though at the last end it's somewhat awkward when reading aloud. Otherwise, (to echo other comments) very "cute" I like 'plain, boring' Jane.
I'm a sucker for a fairy tale, and I love this one! A lot of imagination went into this story.
Delightful! Great writing!
Made me chuckle. You started off with just the right tone to suggest a nonscence tale and delivered just that. But I did find the last three paras were a bit flat. yeggy