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This is my favorite line, "Suddenly I realized I hadn’t lost it. I’d had it all along. I guess it’s like a simple smile—I just had to put it on." Can I quote you from now on? This was a wonderful piece. It warmed my heart and gave me a smile on the inside and out. So glad you found your humor again. Bless you!
Cute piece :)It's good in that it highlights how we do have that inner laugh waiting to break out, we just need to let go of the more depressing things. I liked the part about it not being in Psalms!
This is sweet and engaging! I could easily relate to 'lost humor' and then to finding it. ^_^ I especially liked the bit with the elephants on the beach. That just makes me smile. Well done! ^_^
Perhaps I left my humor in my journal. I told my heavenly Father about my depressing day. I’d been trying to hide my pain and handle things alone. I didn’t want to burden anyone with my misery, so I poured it out on Him. It might be in my Bible, somewhere in the Psalms. Possibly it’s in chapter 23—between the shadows of death and fearing no evil ...

This is my favorite part that ministered to me - it's perfect. Very good writing - I loved the flow and feel of this piece.
Fun story with a great point. Good job!
Loved it! Glad to see your humor is back.

I did see one small typo, but very well written and a great idea for a humor entry. ;-)
What a week to lose your sence of humour! Loved the way you equated that loss with other things you'd lost. My fav line: 'Possibly it’s in chapter 23—between the shadows of death and fearing no evil.'
I liked this, I too loved the lines about was it left in Psalm 23 and that last line especially was just great. There are days I wonder, did my humor go where ever those socks disappear to in the dryer? Good job!
Very clever! Very enjoyable! Great job!
Tremendously simple, welcoming, homespun and engaging! The down to earth pace of this piece was so soothing. You are a refreshing piece of apple cobbler on a grey day! I like very much what you've done with the ending!
Your last line caps all your thoughts off perfectly.
Using a unique light-hearted approach, you raise an important question and provide a profound solution. Quite an accomplishment in so few words! Good job... Angel

"Suddenly I realized I hadn’t lost it. I’d had it all along. I guess it’s like a simple smile—I just had to put it on."

Yes! Attitude!
I loved this!! Engaging, entertaining, comical and absolutely delightful. Kudos!
A very real, true humor entry! I enjoyed it greatly along with the message. And some great writing along the way. God bless.
Love the way you turned your frown upside down, and found your humor. It shows in this piece.
So glad you found it again - and so very timely for this entry :)
Great job, Chrissy! What a marvelous, unique entry. Made me smile.
Faithwriters needs you to speak at the conference. This would be perfect for advice on writing humor. It's very cute. Well done.
That was adorable! Such a simple, delightful story with great meaning. True evidence of quality not quantity of words! Great job. :) Blessings, Jo
How fun - I really enjoyed this.
Now, this is a refreshing take on the topic! Instead of trying to write something humor-ous, you focused on HUMOR, itself, and how it relates to us. Good job, Gal! You also gave us a peek into your life, and I've always liked peeking in windows!

Thank you, too, for reading and commenting on my "Sparrow" story. I appreciate it, and you!