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I've got it, I've got it--but I won't say, here, because I don't want to spoil it for other readers. PM me if you want my theory. Fun story!!!
I think I may have it but I need to check a book I hope still resides on the shelf! Very clever approach that stimulates our reasoning abilities. Great job!
I'm disgusted with myself that I can't figure this out! I was impressed with the story even before I got to the hint about the clue - but then to find that there's even MORE to! This is really great. Although I'm still disgusted with myself.
I think I got it. The mystery within a mystery. Clever. I like the touch with the Nancy Drew collection. Wonder if it's hardcover...^_^
SO creative. I haven't figured out your clue, but I just may sit here until I do ;) Great description and intrigue.
I loved the story, but I'm pulling out my hair to try to figure out the answer!
I think I know!! Very clever. You have truly done justice to the genre of mystery. I believe we'll see your name in the winner's circle! Awesome work! Blessings, Cheri
Authorized Clue Hint: Try looking at those six words in a very familiar order...
I GOT IT!!! Ok so the authorized clue did it but still, I'm excited. This was one of those where my jaw is on the floor because it's THAT amazing. Great message, fantastic mystery. Just perfect!