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A beautiful tribute to God's creation - and so nicely rhymed...a delight to read!
Enjoyed your creative take on the subject and what's more, believe it, too.
This is beautiful! Thank you for painting a beautiful song in rhyme and then finishing it off with such an appropriate question!
Fun. I loved the last stanza. Good job!
This flowed so well. Strong writing, great work!
Very nice work, especially on rhythm and rhyme. My only suggestion would be to try to vary the beginnings of lines a little more, using something other than "the." That's getting picky, though. I really like this.
This is gorgeous--I can see it in "Ideals" magazine.
Absolutely delightful, Verna! What a lovely and varied trip you are taking your reader on as you carry us through the wonders of this world and its oh, so special music! Again, delightful!!
Your rhythm and rhyme were very good. I confess the first stanza was my special favorite.

And I amen what Jan said. This would be perfect for a publication like Ideals.
What a lovely poem with great rhythm and rhyme besides. Delightful.
Just delightful - loved all the animals and their music.
Wow - in just a few short stanzas you took us through God's symphony of seasons! Well done Verna! A delight to read!
A very cute intro stanza and so true. This was another favorite line: “A choir of birds has varied call; The mockingbird will try them all.” Just yesterday, I paused to listen to a concerto of gulls, blackbird, and dove. Not only were they interesting to hear but also entertaining to watch. Thanks for sharing this upbeat poem.
I love the flow of this! Very easy to read, kind of like a music note floating along in the air. Great imagery and I love the first few verses espeically the line with Angel's wings. Great writing! ^_^
Wonderful poem! I liked how you showed the different "creation music" God gives us each season! Your piece flowed so well and was an complete enjoyment to read! :)
A wonderful poem and a psalm of praise for God's glorious creation. Well done! Thanks for sharing it
This is delightful. I love the feel and the rhythm of this piece. It's very creative, too. Well done.
Congrats on a highly commended! ^_^
Congratulations on your placement. I really enjoyed the message of your poem.
Verna, I looked you up so I could thank you for commenting on my music entry, and I found this delightful poem! I think I relish words as much as I relish chocolate, if not more (smile!), and you have such delicious morsels all throughout this poem. It has to go in my "favorites."
I'd love to have you read my autumn poem "The Scarlet & The Snow" (see my member page). Maybe we should collect more such creation poetry and do a book!
[And, "Thank you!" for taking time to leave a comment on my writing. I sure do appreciate it!]
What a great poem about my favorite music by my favorite Artist! You've painted great "ear" pictures. :)