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I loved this story! I could identify with the narrator's feelings about shopping--in our household it's backwards and my husband is the perfectionistic shopper who takes forever, while I like to only buy food and browse in bookstores.

Cannot say I'm half as friendly as that narrator, though! He comes across as a sheer delight in the creative and caring ways he spends his wife's shopping days. Wonderful descriptions of the characters he meets and befriends as well--the "computer geek" and embarrassed church lady outside Victoria's Secret especially came alive for me and made me laugh. Great job!
This story made me laugh. I especially liked the part about the electronics store geeks going on and on and then waving at the narrator whenever he goes by. It was great to have the "other" point of view of a couple who shops. I really enjoyed it, I'm going to read it again =)
I kept wondering throughout why the husband didn't just stay home; but then I remembered - he has to carry the packages out to the car. This could be called a bit of a satire type entry...whatever. It was very amusing and gave me the "other side" of the shopping picture. Thanks! Definitely enjoyable.
Entertaining and well written. I think I'd rather shop with you than your wife! I think you have more fun.
I enjoyed this "man's take" on shopping. It was humorous, and I'll bet the wife was glad you weren't tagging along with her. Good story.