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What a fun poem. It flows so well, too. Thumbs up!
It WAS fun! Good job!
I grinned all through this delightful poem. I liked the "clear a path" bit, and the "right of way" bit, and...well, the whole poem is utterly charming.
Thanks for the smiles! I love this realistic look of shopping! Great job!
Cute! Is this a confession? LOL! This was fun and I enjoyed it!
Loads of fun! I've seen these women before - from a distance, of course. ;) Great meter - frantic, like this woman.
Loved it as is, it was fun. If you ever get the desire to re-write this, I wonder how it would sound being free verse - it might pull the "-holic" out more.
Great poem, perfect for the topic.
Very fun to read! Reminds me of a few friends of mine who faithfully follow this routine every shopping trip! The third verse was slightly awkward when reading it aloud, it could be just me though. I very much enjoyed reading something this creative. ^_^
This is a delightful poem, excellently written. The ending is perfect.
I needed a chuckle this morning. But also made me a little worried. Wife said she was going shopping t-day:(.
Great job on the mechanics, it flowed well with near perfect metre; nothing to get in the way of enjoying this poem. I'm so glad you are still rhyming. You're one of the best poets here. God bless.
Super Cute!!! I loved this poem!!
Dr. Seuss would be proud ;-)

Really, a fun poem to read. Great job.
Lots of fun with great humor throughout. “Thank God they have no gas!” The title was perfect, and the ending was really cute, too!
This is a very lighthearted romp through the aisles! You didn't touch my favorite find: THE LAST ONE. My husband always tells people that, if I hear something is the last one, I have to buy it. That's true. What's that about?

You do a great job writing poetry, Joanne. Another fantastic read!
Such a delightful poem to read. I loved it!
JoJo, don't regret your rhyme...
Oh, so well you do it!
You kept your meter right in time.
The topic? Stuck right to it!

This was such a funny work
And gave delight to all;
I hope you get the highest mark
For your treatise on the mall.

Seriously, I enjoyed this poem even though I am not a shopaholic.

You tapped into a lot of folks out there who feel the same way and then go out and do it all over again!

You make this look so easy, a tremendous job!