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This is so beautiful! So well written to convey the love that went into the quilt, but I was wanting to know who the quilt was for and why, specifically. I guess it's good to leave something to the imagination, though. A really tender, moving story of hope. Excellent!
A great title and first line that just fit into the body of the story. Skilfully written just like the quilt of many colours. A job marvellously done.
You took as much care with your story as the ladies did with their quilt. Beautifully done!
I like this sweet story. My favorite line: "Made specially for our sister. This quilt has been stitched with hope, filled with love, and bound with prayer." Well done.
Beautilly written and the feelings were portrayed so strong! I really enjoyed this.
Strand of Love, indeed! The tears you shed while writing, I shared while reading! Wonderful writing!
Your description of the women gathering to do the quilting was so heart-warming and carried with it a beautiful sense of community. I came to the end wanting to know the circumstances of the sister the women were preparing the quilt for. Wonderful wording, though.
Ann, this is exquisite and heart-breaking, and beyond beautiful.
This is a beautiful story. I loved the idea of binding with prayer the pieces together.
I forgot to mention that the idea of making a quilt to comfort someone is wonderful, whether it's a sister by blood or one in the Lord. If I were in need of comfort, I'd love to have a quilt made for me.
Just beautiful. I love the detail and voice.
This is lovely. It makes a person want to join them and come alongside the woman receiving the quilt. It's great when a story draws a person in.
This was so well done. The first line, the dialogue, the prayers and love so skillfully displayed in measure to the beauty of the quilt.
This story made me cry without knowing the reason for the quilt. I felt the love of the sisters and their concern for the sister who would get the quilt. A touching and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it
I've always been intrigued by quilts and you have filled all the patterns of thought so well. God bless and keep writing.