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I loved the descriptions and time line here. It definitely played out as a labor of love, and I loved the title! The only very minor thing I see--your writing is strong, strong enough I don't think you needed the line near the end about how mom probably stayed up all night. I'd take out that line and bring it right to the ending that you had. Great work!!
I'm always amazed at the abillity some seamstresses have to visualize a final result from pieces and scraps You illustrated that well in your story. This was fun to read.
What a wonderful mom! Sometimes we fail to appreciate them. But they usually come through in the end. Good story.
This was a very visual piece--you did a great job with the descriptions.
A very nice story! I especially liked the relationship you showed between mother and daughter.
Oh, this is good. Isn't it amazing what a mom will do for her kids?
VERY visual - I could definitely see the dress and accessories. Great description!
How like a mom! Beautiful through out - from the descrtions of dresses, fabrics - swishes - to the mom. Just beautiful.
What a nice piece - realistic, heartwarming and well written. Good job.
I like the Dad's POV : ) We are so practical.

Good writing and welcome to Advance!
My favorite part, besides the labor of love from Mom, was Dad's thoughtful comments to a scared daughter. It sometimes takes a lot of thinking on a Father's part not to open mouth and regret it (of course, I've never done that) and I'm sure Mom thanked Dad (if nothing more than staying up all night working on the dress showing him her approval - it could have been very different).
Thank you. God bless and keep writing.