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This has some of the cleverest rhymes I've seen on this site! It's adorable, and I echo every sentiment. Love it, love it, love it.
I planned to stamp a greeting card,
But it turned out appalling.
I knew I’d have to face the fact
Hallmark would not come calling.

Me, me, that was me!!

Oh, the meter was off a leeetle in spots but what an incredibly fun read!!! And maybe just fun enough to place!
It was nice that you shared my story....without my permission...ahem...... No royalties? I give this woman credit for trying longer than I ever did. I got the hint after only about ten projects. My sewing teacher wrote on my report card: "Marilee has a great personality....but she can't sew worth a darn!" Ah, it's nice to have company! This poem was easy to follow and enjoyable throughout!
Poet was right on target, topic-wise. And for the most part the rhythym and meter was perfectico! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Kinda sounds like my craft work. Great job! Witty and beautifully rhymed.
Now, this I liked! Good job. Keep writing poetry.
Clever, cute, well written, well said!
Well-written poem. I like some of the rhymes -- I guess I would say they are unique or fresh. Also, good rhythm and a good tale.

Keep writing poetry. I enjoyed the read. Jeanette
Oh, Verna, what a delightfully entertaining poem! You wrote it so skillfully. It flows with rhythm and rhyme in every clever stanza. What a treat! Thank you for this wonderful read!