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Very nice, & different, this is the 1st one I've read about ice fishing. I really liked the description in this line: "Tears trickled unnoticed down his cheeks, following the crevices that time had etched on his face."
I suspected how this was going to end, but it was still very good!
"What a Friend" indeed! I loved this story all the way from the beginning to the end. I must admit that I thought at first he was conversing with his dog; but then later as the tears began to fall from my eyes...I realized WHO his friend was. Great story, terrific read, well done...A+. (by the way, how did you know the minnow and the perch were "he's"...couldn't help but bring this up...hope you have a sense of humor) Well done!
Wonderful! I need to have that kind of constant conversation with the Lord. You've got a great character, here.
This is really good. I, too, guessed early on who Joe was talking to, but that just made it better. You do have a great character ... I would like to hear more of his conversations with God.

(You may have already caught the tense error in the second line of paragraph 7 -- "started", not "starting".)
Very sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. You have done such a good job of capturing the special relationship this fisherman has with his God.
Liked the companionship shown here between Joe and his friend Jesus. This shows a good relationship with the Lord.
Comforting and heartwarming! You set a very descriptive scene. Kudos to him for chosing such a great friend!Great job - Blessing, Jo
So beautiful! I guessed who the 'friend' was about half-way through and was so glad to see that I was right. This is a really neat piece and I love the bit with ice fishing. ^_^
A true reason for going fishing if I ever heard one. Mine would be under an apple tree by a pond, but I'd still be "fishing" none-the-less. Thanks for a great story!
I, too, appreciated the unique ice fishing setting in this story! I guessed he was talking to God and really enjoyed his conversation!