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A delightful story! I enjoyed the vivid and humorous descriptions and the satisfying ending--especially since the flip-flops were mentioned again. They made for an interesting title, too!
Cute story and flowed nicely. Enjoyable read!
Very cute "Caught Him" story. The ending was perfect.
Flip Flops aren't for Fishing isn't the only thing I noticed. NEVER, NEVER, go on a FIRST date alone, and out in the boonies or where people aren't around! That bothered me more than anything else! Hopefully, it is fiction. But by the last paragraph - it looks as if IN THIS CASE, God watched out for her. Nicely done, but so foolish, in case anybody is reading this that is thinking of doing the same! Nice job on "Fishing Topic"...sorry about the preaching. Just habit. I know whereas I speak! Honest!
A cute story, but I also hope it's fiction. First dates can be risky, especially alone. But overall I like the flow and the weaving of a new life together - flip flops included.
This article is fiction. I do not suggest doing something like this in real life. Thanks ladies for bringing this to my attention, I never thought about it.
I thought this was very cute, and I guess I'm stuck back in the days of innocence. I never thought about the potential dangers of this. Having hiked to numerous lakes to fish, I anticipated what was coming, and it made me smile. I enjoyed "picturing" all of this in my mind.
Down-to-earth, sweet and endearing. A very light enjoyable read! Blessings, Jo
Enjoyed reading about how a friend "caught" her man. Good reading.
Congrats Casie. Excellent job:)
God bless.
What a great story! I really enjoyed that. Thanks,