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This is exquisite. My heart ached, tears fell and it was a pleasure to read such work. Absolutely wonderful.
How I could relate to this piece -- not for a spouse, but for my mom. Thanks for a beautiful "fishing" story.
There is so much to love about this excellent poem: the wonderful alliteration, the "stroke stroke stroke" of the women in church, the loving relationship between these "unequally yoked" spouses...and most of all, a story beautifully told with a mastery of words and images. Outstanding.
This is beautiful! So realistic descriptions, but packed with a lot of emotion and feeling. I could see everything happening and wanted to be there with the wife to encourage her to 'keep fishing'. Loved the piece with the lattes and raspberry pancakes...made me hungry ^_^ Great writing!
Just lovely! I sense the woman in this poem has enough faith for the both of them even through the pain she feels so deeply. Wonderful job. Blessings, Jo
This is so tender. You've captured very well the feelings of a wife longing for her husband to be saved. Excellent!
This was so beautiful, and I just love the title! I was very touched, for my dad and my sister are still unsaved, and I'm still "fishing." It's tempting not to "hunt" instead, just like it was for your character... Thank you. Cheri
Great job. I loved it. God bless.
This was wonderful! It really touched a chord (or two or three...) Absolutely wonderful!!
A wise person has written this beautiful, meaningful prose.
Very nice. I'm usually not a fan of this type of poetry, but this was a great read. You conveyed so much in such a small piece. Bravo.
There is so much here I don't know where to start. But here's one I truly love:
"paddle the same boat as I, labored chants of
“stroke .. stroke .. stroke,” keeping us afloat on the river of faith." That's so beautiful! I felt like I was walking into something too sacred, too personal, too lovely to invade. I saw in this piece an underlying love so deep that you were willing to sublimate your desperation to see him become a Christian and just love him and wait til he felt the time was ripe. If that isn't love I don't know what is. I can't tell you how many sermons I can see out of this poem. It's truly a feast, a banquet of words. I'm so glad I got to read it!What a dear, loving wife you are! God bless you.
I said it once before and will say it again, a wise person has written this beautiful and meaningful poem. Thank-you for re-sharing it with us!
This is a wonderful poem! Your portrayal of love and commitment and the struggles involved in this union are both vivid and insightful. My favorite lines:
"On a usual Sunday,
I rub shoulders in church with several women who
paddle the same boat as I, labored chants of
“stroke .. stroke .. stroke,” keeping us afloat on the river of faith
each day as we look to God for daily patience and hope for
our husbands who have yet to be caught."
I'm one who doesn't really care for free verse. But this "captured" me, or "caught?" me. Very good pov.
Wonderful, wonderful WONDERFUL. So beautiful and heartfelt and sincere.