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A slice of life down the road called reevaluating - I wonder where it will lead? ;)

The honesty, the truth, of a missionary's heart and well written to boot.

Love the format - it is effective and works very well.
There comes a time in many people's lives when they realize they aren't, in fact, God's gift to missions/teaching/business/etc. You seem to really understand this and it is conveyed very well. Sometimes God wants us to hang in their and better ourselves...but sometimes He wants us to let go. It's a really powerful message. Thank you for writing this!
Wonderful. You have a lot of truth packed in here and presented it in a way that sticks. This brings me back to time spent in Vietnam - a rich memory. Thanks!
Yes. If others are catching more fish than we're catching, maybe we're in the wrong pond. We learn to let GOD choose.
I really enjoyed it becaseu it didn't do what I expected, and it didn't go where I expected. I found it thought-provoking and deep. Thank you
Beautiful entry! It give extra insight reading it now, when I am, knowing what I know. Good job!