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Nice story. Good deeds don't go unnoticed. It reminds me of The Testament, by John Grisham.
Wouldn't it be nice to hear more stories like this in the real world? I'm sure it must happen but it's never told to the public.
Wow, Two million dollars and a Bible to 32 relatives. Wish this were a true story...or perhaps it is; but loved the story, loved the Last Will & Testament, and the story of "Ed". Great job...and very intriguing; like a "must Read" turner. Nice.
Good title, and interesting story. I don't think you need the last line--it's pretty obvious from the rest of the story how she will use the inheritance, and the "pow" is in the line before that. Nice characterization of the rich relatives.
Good story with a good point. Kindness does pay. I guess the last line could go, but it tells me that the story teller realizes that greed can overtake anyone (even her) without God's help.