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Lovely story! Your first two paragraphs were so descriptive! I especially liked the phrase "...the Light of the world had fallen from the sky and all the vast depths of the universe left to weep at His passing."

I noticed a couple "mechanical" errors that proofreading would fix, but felt your piece was well-written. Thank you for sharing this! :)
I definitely wanted to know more about Dorris, and was very intrigued by the last part of this. I wonder if you'd consider doing a flip-flop here: a much shorter Biblical paraphrase in Dorris' mind, and more exposition of her character.
I love the way you brought a poignant story from the bible into the topic, but it did throw me a little. I think Jan's right, a small intro to the character would help to transition the reader. Great writing! I enjoyed reading this.
Searching for the topic "reading" was found delightfully in the last paragraph. Sweet story, that was an enjoyable read.
A lovely story and I also enjoyed this short glimpse of Dorris. Thanks for sharing this
Nice job! Kudos! I like your work.
I agree with the other comments, nicely done and would like to know more about Dorris. Those first two paragraphs were some very strong writing, very.
This was great 'biblical fiction' definitely made it more real. The ending was sweet ^_^