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A lovely poem with a beautiful message. I like how you mixed the forms in this. I'd be too chicken to try that. Good job.
This one's a little firecracker, definitely not a bomb! I love the combined analogy of the wrecking of the painting v. how she sees herself in "this silvery pool of reflected shame". It reminds me too of the Scripture about reflecting His image, and it all depends on which mirror we're measuring ourselves against - it's not a mirror of perfection we're up against, it's a silvery pool of reflected Grace. I frequently tell people - look at yourself through His eyes - it completely changes the view :)
I like how the construction of the poem fits your verses...the first and last being almost mirror images of each other in meaning, both written in free verse. Then the middle verse about Christ's redeeming work is more rhythmic and serves as a fulcrum for the other two. Very nice!
The two different forms here were VERY effective - worked just right, IMO, for what you were attempting to convey. No suggestions :)
My favorite lines:

He anoints with Holy Oil,
He anoints with Holy Light,

I always think of His light as healing and making one whole. You captured that feeling for me.
This is very well done.

No suggestions from me either. I liked this a lot.

The imagery is truly superb. Well done!
Really, really beautiful, Pat!
Ah, why do I feel like crying? This is so beautiful.
You said such much with so little! I love the vividness, and am amazed how you created an outline that let's the reader's imagination fill in.
Lovely words - simple, yet a lot there :)
I really liked the form here because it added to what you were trying to say. This is well done, and a wonderfully expressive poem. Thanks for sharing it.
Yes, very beautiful, Pat! I love the structure of this...the mirror image reflected in the the form. What seems very free form at first is gracefully deliberate and planned. That takes real skill!
Short. Sweet. Simple. Beautiful. There's so much to say in this piece, and yet so much said without going over. Quill's off to you-this is definitely a new favorite of mine. Loved the descriptions you used. ^_^
This is the way I like to read theology! Your poem unfolds the story of a person's heart experiencing the ultimate relationship so effectively. It hits home better than many a sermon, I think.

Thank you for commenting on my writing, too. I appreciate it very much.