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Excellent thoughts here - ones many of us need to take seriously! I feel like I really got to know you, and what has formed you, as a writer. If I were to give you a suggestion, I would mention that it almost felt like you were telling two different stories - the "art" of writing and your story, and they didn't always seem to "meld" as well as they could have. Regardless, it was an enjoyable and informative read!
Great story for last week's topic...but weak on Art. However, practice makes perfect. Never give up the ship....
Interesting article. The Art of English language, for those of us who natively speak English, maybe that's not important. For my ESL students, mastering the art is the most important thing they do. Would that we native speakers would take as much care of our language.
Very informative and clearly written. This gives lots of food for thought. Thanks for sharing it
Very interesting thoughts. I would have liked it more if you had written it more in the form of a story (as if it were happening to someone else) even though it was, or appeared to be, about you. I find that once you have put yourself in the position of a fireside story teller almost any tale, no matter how ordinary, can suddenly burst to life in a tower of dazzling flames. You could have also written in the form of a memoir while still maintaining that fireside feel (this is just personal preference, but it's fun to write and usually, though not always, appealing to those who read it). It is ironic how "art" is such an all encompassing word, though some people interpret it too broadly (ferrets playing in paint on a canvas? Really....)
What an interesting article! The living tool and mystery of language is so fascinating isn't it! I love words as I can see you do. Thank you for a refreshingly different article.
I love this, because words hold the same fascination for me. I enjoy your voice, and was very entertained by this essay.