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Wow. This is wonderful. I love that passage of scripture and boy, what a unique twist you put on it! Well done.
Great Title, and one of my favorite stories in the Bible. You did a great job with creativity, and had you done a little more editing to take out the few little errors, (mesmerizing, cast the first stone and a word left out in last sentence) would have been Super, Excellent and a winner in my book. Great job and well done! and you still get my "Kudos"!
Your take on the story gives it a depth worth pondering. Even though it is a fictional account of the woman's side of the story (as well as the narrator's), it rings as true as anything could. Being female, myself, I've often wondered what it would have been like to be the woman in her sandals. What an experience, from despair to hope, she could tell us about her encounter with the Master!
There have been a handful of entries with this take, but this is my favorite BY FAR. You have such a strong sense of place and action here - I truly, truly felt like I was right there. Just exceptional, Leigh!
This is beautifully written. I enjoyed reading it from the perspective you presented, and liked the story behind how the man and woman knew each other. Well done.
I also considered a similar story line. I am so glad I left it alone. I could never have done this well with it. Super job. God bless.
Great minds think alike, Leigh! Excellent version of the story. If I'd known you'd do it this well, I would have chosen another subject. Kudos! Great job!
Oh, very good! I really like your "take" on what Jesus wrote in the sand, and the twist you put on your narrator's relationship with the woman. Wonderful ending, too.

I think--"passers-by" rather than "passer-bys."

You've created a very memorable character--this could be a novel.
Fantastic. Some brilliant turns of phrase, and the whole story hangs together so well. Very good indeed - I hope it places.
Well done! I always have felt that Jesus was listing names as well. This is a great retell of the story.