The Official Writing Challenge
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OOOOOOH — I wish I was this clever! Masterfully done!
Ingenious! Brilliant! Innovational! :)

Creatively awesome. :)
So creative. Such an imagination here. And masterfully presented as well. God bless.
I don't get it ......


Outrageous, bizarre, spandex-worthy!

Creative and original enough to be a contender. (BUT, my advice would have been to go after the bad Adjective Capone ... girls are ALWAYS more trouble! ;-) )
I smiled all the way through this one. Great job!
How imaginative! I loved it!
I'm still grinning. This well written piece was lots of fun. Excellent.
I loved this except that I got lost at the end and have no idea how he saved the girl without flooding the town, but very clever, witty, charming. This is one of those stories that makes a writer go, "Why didn't I think of that?" LOL!
Brilliant ... etc etc etc :-)
Creative beyond words. LOL

Oh alright. Creative, artistic, clever, cool, demiurgic, deviceful, fertile, formative, gifted, hep, hip, ingenious, innovational, innovative, innovatory, inspired, inventive, original, originative, productive, prolific, stimulating, visionary, way out.

There, that should cover it. :-)
ROTFL! I'm still laughing, what a creative and hilarious idea. I see the title said the continuing adventures-are there more that I haven't read? If so, I'd love to read them.
Captain Thesaurus was a delightful hero and you did a great job with this!
No one left me any words to use to tell you how brilliant, stupendous and sidesplitting this piece was! Would loved to have heard more adjectives from Adjective Capone, but there is that word count thing. Great job!
Word play and humor--one of my favorite combinations! I love it!
What everyone else said ;)
PLUS - SO glad you are back - this is the stuff we missed for months and months! I imagine this was a total blast to write. Thanks for doin' it, Tim!
Man, I could see this as a comic book! I enjoyed how Captain Thesaurus lives up to his name and uses redundant, repetitive synonyms for all his speech. This would be a great series for an elementary school literacy program.
Ha! Too funny. Way creative. Hilerious. Am I allowed to point out a teeny, tiny, typo?? ;) "It's you're choice..." ;) otherwise ... maravilhoso!
Laughing hysterically once again.
You are too funny. Thanks for making me laugh...again!
I love these characters and do hope you do more with them. I think they could be a fun but educational resource. Love it!!!