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I had a little problem making the connection between Felix and Mr. Swanson's struggles, but hey, that's just me! I absolutely love the picture that this line creates in my mind: "Felix spoke gently, “You shouldn’t holler and splash in the water like that. It scares the ducks.” Priceless! Very well done.
I loved your title because the story unfolded like a flower as it defined oblivious. very nice job. God bless.
Interesting tension between Felix and Mr. S - both "doing their thing" and yet overlapping. Enjoyed the dialogue!
Unsung heroes indeed! Ha! I got the connection between the two stories literally as I was writing that first sentence of my comment, hee hee! They were both unsung heroes. I loved how you gave us a picture of who Felix was just through his dialog and actions. Well done!
Very nice - I enjoyed reading this piece. I like stories that make me think, and you wrote a great one.
Felix is one of the most endearing characters I've read here at FW. Just marvelous.
There are so many layers to this! So subtle!

One of my favorite parts was Felix standing over Mr. S (breathing) waiting for him to wake up so he could have the silver wrapper.

I don't how you do it!

Mentally challenged Felix making a meager living for himself unaware he saved a child - Mr. S unaware he had a full and rich life.


This whisked me away immediately. I wasn't quite sure, at first, what the commonality was between the two men. After thinking about it a minute, though, I think I got it.
Very well done.
A lovely and precious interlude, told in a stirring way. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this
So much depth to this! This is a "read over" story, that I know I will pick up more upon each time. Excellent.
This was such an interesting story and so very well written with many wonderful word choices throughout. Felix is without a doubt an oblivious hero, but we can assume that Mr. Swanson is too. Very nice work.