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This is a beautiful tribute to your husband. I am blessed to have read it.

I hope to someday find a love like this. You both are truly blessed.
What a beautiful tribute. I suppose your husband is now officially a "sung" hero now. ;)
Wow! How beautiful and precious - a true hero indeed. Yes - we often take for granted the things our husbands do, and we 'assume' they will always 'be there.'

I hope your husband sees this - it's such a creative and well written piece - it honors him well.

Love the format, love the song. Kudos!
No wonder your husband cried when he read this! It is such a sweet and romantic and wonderfully written expression of love and gratitude. If only more marriages could be that strong for so many years. Sounds like you're both lucky to have each other. Great song and I loved the opening too. :)
Wow! I am glad to have read this. I am sure your husband must appreciate your spirit towards him as much as he loves you. Wonderfull song.
Lovely! If you have an upcoming anniversary celebration, you should have a singer perform this.
Besides how touching the tribute is to your husband. The entry was creative and the song was superb. Great writing and communicating. God bless.
Beautiful tribute to your love - and creative format. Thanks for blessing us with this.
Just LOVELY. What a blessing you each have in each other - and in your skillful writing! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece!
This is lovely. It's a true-life fairytale. You and your husband are both blessed. Thanks for sharing this.
“…the hero of my hopes and dreams.” This was so lovely. What a wonderful inspiration of the love and devotion you have for one another.
Chrissy, this is beautiful! I like how you wove the marriage vows into the opening sentences and then the story with the song. I love the song(actually sang it to the said tune!)-great, wonderful job! :)
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