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Wonderful story! I especially loved the witty dialogue, which brings both characters to life. The contrasts between them are delightful. My favorite phrase: "face to knee cap."

I noticed that in the title "Clarence" is spelled "Clarance" (a typo?)
I loved the title, by the way--it grabbed me right away with both the use of the personal name and the interesting desription of the name's owner!

Great character study and message!
I really like this story. Great job!
I really liked this story. Very well written. I loved how Clarence prayed over the pews for the people who would be sitting there. Two little nitpicks: twenty-five should have a dash and "past on" should be "passed on". Oh and the dialogue was so realistic, too. Great job!!
Your have a great voice in this story--both of your main characters have distinct and likeable personalities. Very well done!
Proof once again that it's the size of a person's heart that really matters. Well done.
Great story, excellent message.
I loved this. I can relate to Clarence a bit, seeing as I am only 4'10". lol I also loved how he prayed for the people who would be sitting in the pews.
This story flowed absolutely flawlessly. You did a wonderful job on characterization of both men, and of dialogue. I enjoyed this from beginning to end!
I enjoyed the contrast between the two main characters, but I also liked the Pastor’s voice. Your dialogue really brought all the characters to life. Great title and closing line too!
you gotta love it when a 'little person' can be looked up to by a basketball player. awesome. Great story.