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Yowsers, this is good writing!
This is excellent. Thank you for writing it. I'm glad you weren't afraid to deal with a touchy subject. Pastors are people, too, and do fall into sin. I'm glad to see that in your story, the church was practicing biblical discipline. Well done!
Powerful message! The word was rightly divided and properly displayed for correction. Wonderful work.
Very good job of story telling and ministering. It could almost be called the valley in the valley of decision. This story packed a punch of truth. God bless.
Darkness consumed him, within, without -- I LOVE this line. When we fall into temptation and get blinded by our pride, darkness does indeed consume us. Pastors are not exempt, for they are just human beings. And, yes, they are leading other human beings, so are even more apt to be tempted, for if Satan can make a pastor fall, he can make so many of his sheep fall away with him. Excellent work. Blessings, Cheri
Thank you for this reminder. We can hold pastors to such a high standard and expect them to be without sin or even temptation, but pastors are just people too. Powerful writing - thank you for this article.
Shish! Daring topic. Vivid detail....

I'm not scared...really!;)
You painted a perfect picture of a soul in torment. I could literally see this man crawling around on the ground amid the blood, hair, etc. Well done.
Chilling, vivid and very real. It's sad to think that someone held in so high regard could betray his congregation's trust in this way but unfortunately we know it's true. You wrote this well. Your skill in writing made this sordid man look human. Thanks for sharing it
Oh WOW. Absolutely stunning and dark and atmospheric. Amazing stuff, friend!