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I loved this story--great dialogue, description, and especially humor! Could see everything happening. Great job!
This is precious. Thanks for the smiles. My favorite line:
if they didn't comply; I did, after all, resort to serenading them with "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen."
Nicely done.
Such fun - and the PERFECT title! I enjoyed the humor throughout, and the wonderful descriptions of all it takes to put on one of those things! Delightful.
This was fun story to which many of us can relate. Well-written, too.
I loved this! One misused word threw me off though, I think you meant wretched, not "retched. Or, maybe not, given the story. This was a fun read! Thanks!
Well done, full of empathy, I am sure many others recognize the event and the chore. Thank you.
Hehehe. Wonder how many years it took before the teacher figured out that technique. LOL! Great story.
A witty story on "volunteering", ah..perhaps Forced Volunteering would be more appropriate. Very well done.
So witty and fun to read! I love this one.
I love the confident, casual style you used to tell this story. Great job!
Fun Fun Fun! This deserves to be in the book!
I liked the scene at the kitchen table and the humor throughout this piece. Yeah, we can relate! Thanks for a fun read.
Very amusing and SO easy to relate to. I loved this! Thanks fir sharing it.
Great story--boy can most parents relate to the school volunteer duty. Your storytelling rings true. It is truly delightful reading.