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I loved the opening line of this story, as well as its title...both "Snip. Snip. Snip" and "Tu-it. Do-it" really drew me in! I could see the falling brown paper circles!
Cute story and a great lesson. I could see the scene clearly. Great job.
I loved the paragraph with the explanation for your husband's illustration. What a great message!
I love how you wove your husband's lesson and your task together. It was all very seemless and motivating. Great job!
Your repeated words and phrases were very effective here, and your voice pleasant and readable. Great job!
I was drawn in by the conversational tone of this piece. The story continued to flow smoothly and illustrated your message very well. Thanks for the reminder.
Wonderful devotional - yet as someone else mentioned - it is done on such a good personal tone. Made me feel as though I were right there. I liked the title best and how you incorporated it into the story. I also liked how you wove her thougts between the physical task she was doing. Nice work!:)
Nice message. I could see it unfold as you worked.
I "got it," (I think) because I've seen those little "round tu-it" thingys before. I guess I assumed everyone has...and it's why I liked this piece so much (and still do)!
I enjoyed reading your story. At this season of year and season of my life, I feel the prodding of my conscience, as well. Thank you for the reminder!
I got it, too. :) I need to walk around with a pocket full of round tuits. Do you have any extras? (Thanks for sharing this delightful story!)
I was gonna commment on your story before, but I never got around to it.

LOL! Sorry, couldn't help it. ;-) Great job!
Super job, Donna! Your writing is so smooth and personable. I really enjoyed it, as I always do when i read your stuff. God bless.
Great title and good job with this. An enjoyable read, I liked how you wove the 'lesson' into the 'story'. :)
I got it! I got it! The little round tu-it reminds you to DO IT NOW; don't wait! Very clever and well written. Nice job! Blessings, Cheri