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Wow, Heartbreaking and so true for many.
Such a true account of mother and daughter relationships. Sad, but so often real. Nicely done. Like a pro. Like a Master.
Wow. I think I may know who wrote this - this is just amazingly honest and sad and atmospheric. Definitely a masterpiece.
Beautiful! Just beautiful. The canvas of our lives can remain unmarred only if we do not live. And to be a parent, one must live. To live will be to make mistakes. Your piece has captured the irony of parenthood. We long to do things perfectly, but can never attain our goal. But love covers a multitude of sins! Blessings, Cheri
This story flows so smoothly. An excellent, gentle story written in the hushed tones a mother would use sitting next to her baby. I couldn't think of anything that seemed out of place. I loved it. God bless.
This was very, very good. It deals so well with the disappointments inevitable in parenting, and the changes that take place in the relationship between mother and child.
Thanks for hinting my way here.
Incredibly well written, and in some ways, incredibly sad. There is obvious truth for all of us as readers. I loved the suggestion that we parent with our own unmet needs... "The crying child still wails."
Great writing. Masterful in every way.
I love this because at first I thought the title was referring to the innocence of infancy...I love the last bit, where you write "...while I am still flawless, faultless..." Absolutely the right note.
I found this very heavy. I was looking for the moments that make the parenting worthwhile. But I see the contrast you are trying to make with the beginning and end. Great title and tie in to the ending. So even though I didn't like it, I loved it! How's that for confused??! ;) Good writing.
Rather interesting look on motherhood, but what a lot of truth. Well written!
How sad, but so eloquently expressed. Very skillfully written. A different perspective, but you executed it well. Thanks for sharing this.
Near perfect, as always. Congrats on a well deserved win!
This was heartwrenching, well worthy of publication. I am in awe of how you did it. You have found your voice and are comfortable in it. I have lived this story out. Just like good comedians make us look at what we have considered "normal" with fresh, new eyes it seems we don't possess on our own, you cause us to look at our lives from a distance that we can't seem to achieve by ourselves. You have taught me much....about motherhood and about writing. This story mentored me on many levels. THANK YOU for writing it.
Perfection! Congratulations on a well-deserved win!