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This is a tremendously moving piece. I had to read it a couple of times to make the transitions from past to present, but that was only me Im sure. Great work.
Great writing! I think the world would want him to walk in after her! Goes to show how much mercy God has compared to our miserable judgments of others.
Wow. A master writer indeed. What a depressing piece and yet powerful. The lines about the marshmallows was touching. WELL DONE to this writer - wow.
Wow. I loved this. It was very moving, as others have said. You really captured the emotion and tension well.
A MASTERpiece indeed! I don't know what to say, other than WOW.
Simply Wow, Maxx. You are a master of description and of touching emotions. This captured the feelings of a grieving parent very well. I'm glad I read this.
Congratulations, Maxx! I knew you'd give everyone a run for their money when you returned to the Challenge!
This is simply beyond words! I'm breathless!

Congrats! Well deserved WIN!
Oh, brilliant. We've missed you Maxx. Congratulations.
First place in Masters. Seems like I've seen this name before! Your descriptive words set such incredible tones. To mention my favorite descriptive phrases I'd need almost 750 words. I think I'm glad, now, that I'm not up to Masters yet. I've got some growing...and do. Thanks, however, for setting the bar high to make us all better writers. You can NEVER leave!
Great job Maxx! I'm guessing there was quite a gap in the scoring between you and all the rest of us. A very haunting story from a true Master.
Powerful entry! It's good to read your skillful work again. Congratulations!
Great description and connection with the MC's emotions.
Beautiful work, as always. Congratulations.
Dead God, am I seeing things?! The prodical has returned! I stumlbled back on this site after a long absentee. I almost jumped outta my skin when I saw that you wrote a new story. Beautiful. Captivating and so glad to see you at the top once again. Now that I now you're writing again I'll stop in more. I don't have pm right now, but I do have pm with the message boards if you want to get a hold of me. Long time to talk!