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Good depiction of your struggle with what to do both emotionally and physically. I would have liked the story to go on....
Wow...what a story, what a testimony. Thank you for sharing from your life. This is gripping testimony of God's protection and the power of prayer.
Wow. This is even better the second time through! Your detail is so vivid - I can tell this true-to-life experience is permanently etched in your memory. Thank you for sharing this with us. I also would love to read more.
Love the title, but did you mean "Night" instead of "Knight?"

Awesome story-telling, it felt very immediate and urgent. I felt breathless reading this.

I like the author's note at the end--it adds poignancy--but I don't know if you need the frowny face, which has a more flippant tone than the note.

One of your better pieces.
very realistic. Well done. I agree with the frowning face at the end though. It ruins the effect of the piece.
Very good story. The title threw me some though. I read it at first, twice, looking for a possible Cambodian Chess connection, because I know they play chess a lil different there. But, I couldn't find it. Very moving and well paced story though. I enjoyed it. God bless.
Lots of impact here. This piece held my attention. Thanks for sharing it.
Your story flowed well, was interesting, and vivid. I think the title is the only thing I would suggest changing. Possibly just "A Bloody Night in Cambodia". The word "playing" in your title detracts from the overall serious nature of the piece, in my humble opinion. Otherwise, a well-written story.
I was glued to this story. You took me through an experience that few will ever know first hand. I agree, you've written a riveting story. Also, you should feel no guilt. You gave the doctor extra years of life.
Absolutely glued to this story for many reasons - very well composed. Thank you. Bloody (K)night?
Heroes are often humble - and this proves that statement. Well done in person, and also in writing the incident. God Bless.
Pup, you showed your agony so powerfully. You were very brave and did what you could. You stayed with him and brought him the help you couldn't. I can't imagine living with those vivid memories of war. Thank you for opening my eyes to the real thing.
Well, Pup, thank-you for stating this was a true account. Now at least I won't embarass myself by attempting to point out that no one could perform all these medical procedures the way YOU did!!!! Goodness! An excellent writer, a seat of the pants doctor, and an unbelievable assest to my reading. What a lot of true accounts we have this week. Excellent Pup! Gosh, have another peanut!
Well done Pup. Did you know that the monks in Vietnam prayed and cursed every man that set foot on their soil to forever know pain and shame and that they would be cursed as wanderers? I talked with a man who was finally prayed over to get rid of the curses and it made a huge difference to his life.
Wow, what a compelling story. Thank you for going outside you comfort zone so that we could read it. yeggy
Pup, I loved this when I first read it but wondered if it was true. To learn that it is adds even more poignancy to the story. Great writing and I'm glad you found the courage to share it.
BTW, I loved the title and its ambiguity. I felt it fitted the story well. Jules