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I loved the impromptu Arctic lesson! LOL Great stuff. I have great admiration for teachers.
I know that this is serious business, but I could not help but laugh throughout your story. I like it. School teachers are wonderful people.
This was a crack-up. I can tell that this has been written by an "insider" :)

Loved this line... She looks up at me and says, “I’m in kindergarten, just like you!” I gently try to explain that I’m a teacher, but she doesn’t buy it. Thankfully, the bell rings before my ego can be further damaged.

Ha ha, laugh-out-loud funny. Good job!!
hehehe, I wish that my 4th grade teacher was like that (minus the math stuff.) Different take on the 'teacher' topic. Great job though, I enjoyed it.
I wanted to be a teacher too, when growing up - but didn't want to go to school to get the degree. Sounds like you make school fun...if not for yourself, but for your kids. Loved the wit and kept me interested throughout. Good job.
You nailed it. Absolutely perfect.
This was a fun peek into the daily routine of a teacher. Nicely done.
Too much fun, Allison!Definitely realistic. The only change I would have made is to leave out "a teacher's day is never done" - maybe just end in an ellipsis. Otherwise, this is WONDERFUL!
Well done. I'm not a teacher so it was fun to see how your teacher wove everything together and taught it.

I wasn't quite sure on why she was mistaken for a student -was it because she was small or because she acted like a kid? Maybe both?
A fun read and a good example of how teachers have to fly by the seat of their pants. Love the improvised Arctic lesson. BTW also well written. Yeggy
I really loved it Allison. Great job.