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You took us into the heart of a genuine servant. So sad, but realistic I'm sure. I like pieces with emotion and this one has that.
Powerful story. There were a few spots that I stumbled over, but this was a great entry!
This was powerful--held my attention!
Nice piece, Pat. I could tell you have a heart for your subject. Its more than just writing when your heart flows thru your fingers onto the keyboard. God bless.
This reminded me that one sows, one waters, but the Lord gives the increase. Tessa planted seeds. This is a heart wrenching story, children hungry for truth, and adults more interested in being 'right' than finding that truth. Thanks for the reminder to pray without ceasing for the children.
Powerful! We don't understand all the ways of God, but in all things He is working for our good and the good of those around us. Great story
Good job, Pat! The "stitching" motif is very effective--I'd like to see it occur a few more times throughout the story. I really like the way you brought us into your protagonist's spirit.
This is heart wrenching, and told like the master you are. Very nice!
Was slightly confusing at first, but made more sense when I read it over. Very deep writing, excellent storyline.
Extremely well written and it definitely touched my heart. Thanks so much for sharing the story of this precious saint.
What a great glimpse into the heart of one who serves others' hearts so willingly/sacrificially. This makes me think the author must also be such a giving individual. :-)
Pat, Very well done! Creative and captivating. I agree with Jan about weaving the "stitch" theme throughout to bring it together in the end. But other than that small thing, I loved every word. Wonderful writing, as always!
This is great, Pat. Perhaps one tiny thing that held it back as far as the challenge is concerned is that the topic, 'police', wasn't really the star of the piece, although it was a significant part of it. However, that doesn't hold it back from being an excellent piece of writing in the slightest ... and that it is. Well done.
I love the way that you have portrayed your character, feisty and protective of her 'children' questioning and depressed when sent away. YOu take her through really human emotions and at the end give her and us hope. Just a few comments, burning mathc would have made more sense that burnt match and watch openoing and closing speech marks.
Blast I meant to spell check that and then sent it, but pressed the bar instead! Grr. Sorry about the proliferation of errors.