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Masterfully written...As a fan of Barney Fife I really enjoyed this!
Amazingly insightful and entertaining all at once! Loved every part of this - but especially the lesson. Your ending is just perfect.
An excellent description and an even better lesson for us all. Thanks so much for sharing this.
Wow, this was great! What a wonderful way--so very readable and entertaining--to make your point, and what a point it is!
Good job, Glenn. I enjoyed the story and the message very much. God bless.
I enjoyed this. Can't think of any way to critique this. Brillent idea of using an American classic character for a character analysis for the Christian...
I very much enjoyed reading this piece. My favorite lines had to do with - "the rhubarb stood sentry over the bobbing Adam’s apple." Great description! ;)
Glenn, This is quite creative for a non-fiction piece. Excellent work!
Very nice work! Great title, great writing, and even greater message! You've definitely given me food for thought today. Well done.
'You see, I had faced the fury of Barney and lived to impersonate.' Well, this one is MY favorite! (from one who has watched every episode!) ;)

What a weaver you are of simple truths in such an entertaining and well written way.

Wonderful Glenn!
I enjoyed this. My favorite line: "I watched as the rhubarb stood sentry over the bobbing Adam’s apple."
There's a good lesson here for all of us. I felt compassion for the Barneys of the world when I read about the mother and grandparents. Thank you for this.
What a great sense of place you have created, inhabited by believable characters. One minute I'm in the schoolyard laughing with you at your Barney impersonation, the next I'm feeling ashamed of myself. Well done.