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This is powerful. A unique take on the topic--well done! I am impressed with the tension, and description of emotion. I felt like I was in a vice and suddenly released. Great work.
Powerful peice! There were a coupld of spots I stumbled on just a tad, but this was awesome.
What I like - wow- it was hard to get a breath as your vidid descriptions carried - no pushed me along! great job with that! I loved your grabbing opening paragraph. I loved the ending as at that moment I needed to breathe and you did it expertly - buiding and then giving a satisfactory conclusion.
What I might change - teensy thing - I might change the sentence in the beg. when you said 'fire had spread' I might change the tense to just past tense - the fire spread. just a preference.
Very deep and vivid. Wel ldone!
I liked the way you showed time passing with these words:

"Silence. Oblivion.


Powerful descriptions of the actions throughout. Good work.

Wow, Pat! This is powerful stuff! I read it three times in a row, each time getting something new out of it. Great word choices.
What amazingly vivid and memorable imagery!! This captured my imagination and interest in a very real way. This one begs to be read over and over.
Deep and powerful. Excellent writing from beginning to end. "Arrows fell at her feet as dust - disappearing in one felt sway of Majestic Wings..." I wondered about the phrase: "A deep sigh filled her lungs..." I think of a sigh as the exhale. "A deep sign emptied her lungs." The last line was great. Well done!
Wow! This is awesome. I think I've been there too, as we probably all have. Very poetic almost! Beautiful and it ends with sweet relief and hope. Great writing!
Powerful stuff! And totally out-of-the box thinking! Way to stretch yourself to new levels. Loved the piece. Great imagery. Wonderful message. Simply superb!
What more can be said? I would like to add my "ditto" to all of the above.

Definitely, a vivid description of the battle we fight in the spiritual realms.

I love your word choices, the phrasing and the feel of this writing.

Very well done.
WOW! This is powerful stuff, Pat, full of action verbs!

You do a great job in this kind of writing, too, as well as your poetry!
Oh, Pat! This is a Wow indeed! You've so effectively blended the temporal and the spiritual dimensions of such a crisis in a person's life! Memorable and powerful images throughout! ( Only one head scratcher for me...'felt sway'...sent me to the search engines LOL! Do you mean 'fell swoop'? I may be wrong though.) This entry was great! :)
I was planning on saying that the beginning grabbed me ... but then the grab kept going and going ... you maintained that level of woomph all along. Wow. This is like an incredibly complex painting where the more you look at it, the more you see. You've blown me away! Brilliant - just brilliant.
WOW! That pretty much says it for this piece. The title is catchy, the message is powerful. God bless,
Chills -loved it!
A very vivid picture of a spiritual battle. Well done! Thank you for sharing this. *are* a master wordsmith! Wonderful!
This is a favorite for me. This was so powerful, so poetic, it grabbed me and didn't let go. I absolutely loved it!
Excellent description. Beautifully done.
Pat, what an awesome piece. No surprise to see it in the winner's circle. Congratulations!
Congrats to you Pat!!! told you it was great!
Hey girlfriend!
Congratulations on your very well-deserved EC win. I am sooo excited for you. I'm printing this off and tucking it into my bible to read often.
Well done and press on for more annointed writing. I for one will be waiting.
Luv. Bonnie