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This was beautiful. I did notice a verb tense or two out of sync, but the story was perfect for leadership and nicely written.
Good job in the re-telling of Jesus' example on how to be true servant leaders. Thanks!
No greater example of true leadership than our Lord, Jesus Christ. He leads in truth and passion and above all, love. Nice article.
Powerful story! What the world needs more of...... Sevant/Leaders.
Bless you for writing!
The retelling was good but I think I would have liked a little more elaboration on sme of the feelings of those present. We know the story but always wonder how intense each of those people were that day.
Great reminder that leadership from God's point of view looks so different than it does to the world. What do you think our Lord was telling them when he said, what I do now you do understand?" Understanding the role of the heart of a servant/leader is of greatest importance. Thanks for focusing on this important quality.
Sorry, I meant to type "you do NOT understand". Excellent lesson to be learned here.