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Wow!!!! This resonated with my thoughts. It's wonderful to know that I'm not alone in my struggle.
Great message! I found that the beat didn't flow quite right in spots, but I enjoyed this. Very creative!
I was attracted to this because of the title (after years of plunking at the piano with the metronome ticking away) and wasn't disappointed by the sentiments.

I did wonder about how the steady beat links in with the theme, 'melody', which is more about the pitch, right? But that's just being picky.

Love the content ... can identify oh so well. WELL DONE!
Creative! Great title for this poem. I got the emphasis on beat...jow about one little addition about a certain line of notes...a melody? I liked this line: "God, I know that You're the Composer, the Lyricist." Good reminder. :-)
I definitely enjoyed this! I agree that some of the meter is off, but it didn't detract from this wonderful poem. Thanks!
I especially enjoyed the last verse. Great message here.
A great way of looking at our out of stepness with God. Particularly liked the layers in: And whether my life's coda is a duet or a solo--/which metronome's broken? It's mine. Yeggy
Very nicely done! Struggled with the meter a little -- other than that, it's awesome! Great work! :)
While I am married, so can't quite relate to the looking forward to making music of my own with a man, I related completely with the first half. I loved the 4th - 6th stanzas especially. Even with the meter a little off as others mentioned, this was still a touching poem and I'm glad I read it tonight. :)
Very creative and alot of work put into this poetic refrain; however, it did have some spots where the flow was a bit botched - but all in all a good job. Nicely done.
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