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Wow! is this a true story? Either way, very cool!
I loved this one, especially the remark about "Back to work, Purple Boy." Too funny, only to set us up for the bear twist. Great balance and pace to this. :)
Oh how that blessed my heart! Very well done!....Karen Chatham
Wow ... that's about all I can say......

Your choice of words - magnificent.

The story - beautiful. (True??? I wonder......)

Masterful writing indeed.
I can just imagine the backgound call of the melodic. Have you ever read "Blueberries for Sal" - a classic children's book about a mother and child who encounter a bear while picking blueberries?

This was wonderful! You are an inspiration to me. God Bless, Kaye
What a wonderful story!
Masterfully written, indeed. And I really liked your ending. God's creation does truly echo His love for us.
This sent CHILLS up my spine!! Wonderfully told - an excellent job of setting the atmosphere and mood. Like everyone else, I want to know if this is a true story. Regardless, it is definitely a masterful one!
Ahhh...Excellent story. This was a joy to read. I loved it. I believe birds sind the melodies of heaven. Blessings Brenda
I loved this story! If this is not true, it very well could be. I love hearing miracle stories like this. You told it in an exciting and suspenseful way that held me captive to the perfect ending. Well done!
This is lovely and so creatively and artfully written!
Isn't it just like God to find a unique way to shield us from danger? Such a sweet story with a bold message. Good job! :)
Wow--this is a bit of a change of pace for you, and a very suspenseful read. I like it a lot.
Your details are exquisite, without being overdone. Exceptional writing and great story!
Very well written story, I knew something was coming, but wasn't sure what. Well done!
Wow. "His eye is on the sparrow..." Congratulations on a well deserved win!
I thought that I had commented on this the first time i read it. What a great story! Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
I don't think I've noticed this author, until now, for some reason. But, the ending to this beautiful story brought a sob to my throat. What touching insights! I'm glad you're a winner!
Thank you for a great read and an excellent reminder that God can protect us using the smallest of things.
I would like to add my congratulations to the long list before me. Very well written, Ann. I loved your description of everything, the sweet talk between mother and child and the excellent way of carrying us, as your readers. From start to end, this was great. And for the record, I agree that God uses the voice of His feathery creations to sing to us His delight. Oh, and I loved the idea that the absence of song was a warning. I sense that there is something very deep in that thought... Again, congrats on winning first!