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This line made me think...and what IS that melody? The melody of love, healing, restoration? Resurrection, everyday?

"I lost the melody of life.”

Phew! Lots of show not tell and connectedness to the character makes this a very realistic description of someone struggling with depression. A wrenching but realistic read.
Yep, you nailed it, all right. Thanks for resisting the pat ending...this was perfect. Oh, watch our for effect / affect. The alternating action and internal monologue was very effective. This one's a keeper.
I agree with comments already made. Familiar with depression and its effects, this writing was bang on. I, also, appreciated your ending. Depression is never a quick fix with tidy ending. Very well written and I thank you for submitting it.
Well done! If I hadn't been there, done that, I'd still recognise it - the melody of life is truly missing in this character study. Write well.
Wow ... wow ... wow......

Powerful writing indeed. The many present melodies (Eddie, the radio, the birds) and the total absence of melody was very impressive. The way you 'preached' without 'preaching' via the radio was effective.

Well done. Excellent writing.
Good job on this. My thought is that perhaps someone will see herself while reading this and realize there is help out there. Thanks for writing!
Masterfully written! This hits the spot for what it's like to suffer depression. Great job!