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This is a softie - a refreshing story with a sweet innocence to it.

I liked the Dutch rendition of the song...made the image of the grandmother come to life. :-)
This is why you are in the master's level. Heartwarming and filled with hope.
I agree with the other commenters--this story is gentle and precious. I wish I could hear the melody Cait heard!
I loved the way you wrote the dialogue between the characters. So natural and captivating. My father was born in Holland so this touches my daughter-heart. I agree, gentle and lovely. Very well done.
I enjoyed this too.:) The only suggestion I'd make would be to add a bit more location info where the two ladies were talking. I wasn't sure if it was inside the rec center moments after the incident or at one of their houses later. (you refer to them as friends, rather than coworkers, which added to my thought of it being somewhere other than the center.)

Your dialogue was good and natural sounding. I also liked the surprise of the song being Dutch. It added a little unexpected twist. :)
Of course you would write a story about getting a song stuck in your head! lol

I liked this. The Dutch was a great addition. Nice job.
This story kept my interest---great job!
Great dialogue and description. This definitely kept my interest from beginning to end. A very sweet story. I also liked that the song was in Dutch. Wonderful job!
This story doesn't need the "extras." It's got it's own sweet, down-home melody that rang softly in my ears. Great job. :) Blessings.
What a sweet, sweet story! Very touching. Thank you!
Great story and such a touching ending! Thank you for sharing it!
A wonderful story -one minor thing - "The young lady pulled into the lot and parked." this shifted your POV, suddenly we were looking at her, instead of seeing what she saw. But, other than that, well done. (oh, and Cleveland's really isn't THAT bad, if you like living in the city ;) )