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I think I understand this. He was dreaming of heaven, right? Very cool story. Well done!
I enjoyed the creativity of Ivar's vision, and the hope of his future. For some reason it felt a little choppy, but with some clarification and more work on its flow it would be even better.
Awesome! One hopes that Ivar will re-capture bits of that dream, and make it a reality. Your last sentence is fabulous.
Enjoyed the details of the dream. This is my favorite take-away line: "...his true vision, the life he dared to desire..." I did not "dare to desire" anything as a younger woman...I had no vision except to survive...but God gave me a very detailed vision as life went along. But I still love this idea that we can "dare to desire" something and God hears. :-)
What a wonderful vision to have - I love the way you place Ivar right there observing his future family. This is very powerful!