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A very interesting perspective. Not sure I agreed with it all, but it certainly gave me pause for thought. Thanks
I'll bet this was VERY cathartic to write! I can tell you put your whole heart in this. Like Helen, I'm not sure I agree with your views, but you express them well!
I see that you really believe what you write and you poured your heart and soul into it. But I don't think all men are that way and you paint them in a very negative light. Also, do "sweet girls" really have to be tough and mean and say nasty things? Why can't we just be less naive to potentially dangerous men?
I think I get the gist of what you're saying. I sense this comes from a broken heart, one who has been "played", one who has gotten caught up by a "Romeo" and left by the wayside. Sometimes our writing reflects our own life's experiences -- good and bad. I would encourage you to counsel teenagers not only to watch for pure and true loving relationships, but to also trust God to guide them in their relationships. I would also encourage you to counsel teens to allow God to heal their broken hearts if they have been emotionally abused. I think if you took this approach in offering counsel to teens you would give them something solid to cling to if they find themselves broken and hurt! As a women's minister, I encourage you to develop this passion you have to help teenage girls! Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more! Again, I think you have a good start about giving the teen girls something to think about before getting caught up in a relationship. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly! God bless! :)
Thank you all for commenting on this article I wrote. It was NOT written from my own personal experience. I merely threw a lot of other people's past and present experiences together and twisted it around some. It doesn't reflect any person in particular nor was it intended to take a jab at the male gender. I thought I'd try something dramatic and creative...that is all. I've been happily married to MY Romeo for almost 19 years but I know there are some out there that this speaks to, and that is why I am a do just that.