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You did well at showing the emotional struggles of your character. Well done!
What a great story! First, that long walk through the ages to prepare eternity for us, then that long walk down the aisle to accept. Really liked your concept, your thoughts, and a delightful story on the topic of "walk". Great job.
Very well written piece. I found myself walking right along with Mike down that aisle and experiencing his thoughts and emoitons. A very real depiction of what it's like for many on that first walk to the alter to accept the gift of salvation. Nice work!
An excellent description of his inward and outward walk to Jesus. I love the way he pieces it all together. A great read!
"It has been a long path to this moment – but God has traveled it, managing heaven and earth to bring you here tonight,..." This line really stood out to me. I also liked how your preacher 'read' his mind. :)
A very true account ot the emotions one goes through before making their first alter call. Well done.
YAY! The Paynter's are on a roll! Good for you Stephen! Having been to several Billy Graham statidum revivals, I loved this. YAY again!!!
Congratulations! Wonderful story!
Way to write! 8th place EC! Does this mean you'll move up? Congrats!
Thank you everyone for your kind comments. You might like to learn about some of the influences which went into this story.

I made my two university friends, Alan and Janet, come to Kung Fu lessons before I'd go to church with them, in the weeks before I became a Christian.

The intense embarrassment at responding was drawn from my feelings when I became a Christian ... although, fortunately, I wasn't made to go down the front of the lecture threatre.

I had a Billy Graham crusade in mind for part of this - he came to Bristol in his 1982 Mission England campaign, and as a young Christian I was fascinated by how unmanipulative he was.
I was therefore extra staggered by the numbers that responded.

The "disorganised religion" joke I heard from the Baptist Union coordinator (can't remember his proper title) of Southwest England,
a year or two ago, but I suspect it is an old one.

Congratulations, Stephen! I loved the compelling 'dialogue' between Mike and Holy Spirit. Beautifully done, with a very satisfying ending.

Wow, two Paynters on the EC honor roll this week! I'll bet those girls cook up all kinds of mischief while you two are tapping away. No, on second thought, with such genes in the pool, they're probably writers, too. Right?

Thanks for the comment including the background to your piece--great stuff!