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I liked self-discipline as a character, reprimanding you. clever idea.
I could so relate to the opening paragraphs of your article. I struggle with chores and self-discipline too. I'm so glad my eternal destiny doesn't depend on MY abilities - I'd never make it!

Thanks for the thought-provoking article.
Interesting ... us having favourite commands to follow! Hmm. True - I'd never thought of it that way, but we need to be obedient in all areas. I too could relate well to the 'to do' list, and picking and choosing and half-heartedly doing things.
I never looked at favouritism in the way you outlined it. I think it is very clever. I keep leaving behind the things I don't like to do. Having done them, I feel such a sense of relief. That should teach me a lesson.
Oh what truths you write! I am so guilty of choosing which part of my life goes to God. Not that there are bad things on it but it's definitely within my comfort zone.
Very well-written and a refreshing look at obedience.
A very unique and clever point of view on this topic. Enjoyable read! - Nancy
Love the image of Self-Discipline as Cinderella's stepmother. And the idea that your list of favorite chores is like your "ball." Why can't we have our "ball" first?

You have a very warm, honest style. Very enjoyable to read.