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This was a take on the Robin Hood legend that I'd not heard before--thanks for your unique angle. Some of your word choices were a bit forced, and I was puzzled by the random hyphenization of some words. A bit of tweaking will make this a delightful poem.
I agree with the comment above. This was very entertaining to read.

You used a well known legend in a way I haven't seen before. Always a risky proposition, but you did a great job.

I too was puzzled by the hyphenation (an-ger). Was that done for ryhthm purposes? Either way, it was a bit distracting.

But, again it was a fun and entertaining read. Nicely done.
It's hard to make every line in such a long poem have perfect rhythm and rhyme. You worked hard at it. Keep it up. You made me smile at the end when you admitted that even if it was not true you had fun writing it. Good work
I really enjoyed this one a lot - I loved the new take on the old legends :)