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Wow!:0 What emotion! The grand prize is . . . death . . errr . . .Life! Talk about making someone think! Fantastic job! Oh, did I say WOW!
Creative and thought provoking. I am once again awed by the masterfulness of your writing. This is an ispired and anointed story.
Very imaginative article and thought provoking. Sometimes your changes in tense confused me. But I enjoyed!
This is really great, and one of the best uses of the topic that I've yet read. I'd change one tiny thing: the punctuation after the first sentence. Otherwise, perfect, and very thought-provoking.
Wow, very thought provoking and aggravating. I wanted to slap Steeeeeve Becker into next week. (And then pray for him of course.) Good job.
I'm breathless. Gripped from start to finish, and then some! Sharon, this is awesome, inspired writing. Totally believable...It melts my heart thinking of brothers and sisters in other parts of the world who are currently forced to this same decision daily. May this piece be favored by the Lord it honors, and find a wide, open-hearted audience!
Totally believable. Thought provoking... Reminds of the old question... "If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" Good writing.
Great job!! You wrote it in such a way that it was interesting, action filled and 'showed' more than told!! Loved it. I did notice one time when you used present tense for Steve talks...:) (just in case you send it in somewhere)... But otherwise terrific!
Wow! You had me sitting on the edge of my seat! That's some great writing! Wow!I loved it! :)
This is an amazing story. I hope it places. :)
Almost didn't read this. Sure glad I did. Very well composed and creatively presented. Bravo.
Awesome! So creative, demanding a deeper look into our own hearts. You inspire me.
What a skillful and crative treatment of 'life'! You wove a spell, keeping this reader and I'm sure every other reader pinned to your page! The wrenching contrast between the comic and tragic elments gave me pause at first, but you made it work so effectively. Great story!
Awesome entry. Very creative take on the topic. Terrific writing and action held my attention throughout.
Oh my! What a powerful story that catapaults the reader into the not-so-unbelievable, not-so-distant future. If it places here or not, it has a purpose in the mind of God. It is awesomely compelling ... excellent! God bless! :)
Great story. Very well written. An enjoyable read.
Sharon, this has got to be one of my favorites this week. Sure hope it places! Oh and if you decide to publish it, I noticed your first para is missing opening quotes.

Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for next quarter!

Gripping! I love it.
A very clever and creative entry. You captured the reader's attention with your descriptive writing. Well done.
A game show--how interesting. If life was a game show, how many of us would come out winners? Great article!
An engaging story for sure! But it isn't so far-fetched as we may think. A time of Trouble IS coming for Christians according to the Bible. Great job of premiering what it will be like then - and how fascinated we all were reading this scene as it might be played out. Kudos to the author of this masterpiece! Great Write!
WOW! makes you really think.
A not so unlikely look into the future. (noticed a verb tense/typo) Creatively done :)