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What a great character you've given voice to here! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. If you're looking to publish it, you'll want to find a new title, as this is the title of a Stienbeck novel--but that's an easy enough fix. This was a great read; thank you.
Great choice of viewing prosperity or the lack of. Never have I thought of the woman Cain chose for his wife. How many women today are dissatisfied because they married someone who was at odds with his Creator? Marry in haste, repent in leisure. I sense this woman had to be very lonely, since none of her immediate family shared her view of prosperity.
This is exellent writing. The person of Cain's wife was great. Good job.
This is the first writing that I know of that has given a voice to Cain's wife. Great job! Very unique perspective with this.

As a personal preference, it would have been nice to try to conceal her identity as long as possible, which would have created a storied crescendo towards the end. But it's still a great work like it is.
I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, especially given the personality. What creativity to think of Cain's wife and give her a face. This truly shows the hand of God upon this writer! Thanks for sharing with us!
Very well presented, the voice of Cain's wife - how introspective. Thank you for sharing this.
Sorry guys. When I wrote this story, I accidently used the wrong name for Cain's first born son. It isn't Lamech, it is Enoch. My apolgies!