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I love the cat, but I think he has to go. The rest is lovely. I had to think a bit to make the connection between what she had dreamed and why her life was going to get more interesting from that moment on, but I'm happy to know that a new messenger for the Lord has been born. Good work.
Very good. This story contains some strong description and believable interaction. It is touching and tender. I liked your conclusion, including the cat. :)
Very descriptive, even to the cat listening. I especially like the line: "Go to them. Tell them that I am real and that I am coming.” This flows well and is a good, thought-provoking read.
Sorry Lynda, the cat has to stay. I got goosebumps reading this and then coming to the conclusion. Very well written! Very descriptive... one line that stood out was "The edges of His wounds felt hard and sharp against my palms." Oh gosh, I could FEEL it. WELL DONE!
Your title is eye-catching, your description is vivid and alive, and the cat...takes the cake!! Well done!!
Don't feel stongly oe way or the other but the cat(!) but do feel strongly that this was a great piece. My only quibble was the way you fell asleep at the foot of the cros - perhaps a trance? Great stuff.
I enjoyed your story. Whether anyone liked the cat or not is irrelevant. You got your point across very well!
Love the story, love the message and love the cat.
Great job, brilliant entry.
Good job. I liked the ending, including the cat. The cat shows a normal person on what would otherwise be a normal day,