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Excellent story and so true! It is so much easier to give than to be in a place where you need to receive. This is good writing and it kept my interest all the way through. Good job!
I agree. Lovely story with real truth.
I remember feeling those exact things! And I only had one! Well written! You captured the heart of every mother with this - every first-time mother that is :P Well done!
Well-written, effective use of sentence fragments in the 5th paragraph, and a fun read. Three babies! Wow!
Servant for a day? I was compiling the list, but alas you were kidding ;-)

This is very well written. Our son spent some time in the NICU, and it does take trust and letting go to let the professionals handle your child (or children), Good job.
Oh wow - I had a hard time dealing with one at a time! God is amazing isn't He? I had to learn to accept help after I had both of ours, since I had c-sections. Thank you for sharing this.
Great illustration of the struggle with humility many of us--particularly parents--go through. True story? It sure read like one! Thanks for sharing it.
Very nice ... touching. Really captured the emotion. Great!
A touching acccount with a powerful message. Loved the ending!