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What a delightful article. I especially liked the advice at the end. My carefree days have been replaced with mortgages and stress. But you know what? When I step out of the car in my parent's yard and breathe deeply the good old country air, I am transported back in time to a place where I can be a kid again with my kids. It's wonderful! Thanks for such a great story.
This was wonderful! I needed to read this today. My own daughter is leaving home and I am at the edge of the woods again and wondering how to live life. Thanks for writing this..I'll print it off. Oh..loved your easy style too!
This is excellent! My teensiest suggestion is to re-write the sentence in the fourth paragraph with the 2nd person reference. I love your way with words--descriptive but not over to top, very evocative of the joys of childhood. Great job.
Well written. I enjoyed this. :)
Wonderful! I ceased to dream as adulthood wore on, and am only beginning to dream again now. Excellent message, well delivered.
This was great! I was entertained all the way through...and loved the 'tips'at the end. Food for life! Great stuff!
How often I catch myself in this exact same morass of adult living, only to be jerked back to the "real" world by one of my children begging me to do something insane with them. I can only add that you put your finger on it exactly...we weren't made to live life safely, but to stand out and be unique. I loved the way you took us back with you to your childhood, and then brought us forward to now so seamlessly. Excellent transition and great timing in your writing. Keep it coming.
Oh, I love coming home to play...what a great reminder for me that Wonder Woman is not stuck in the past, that she can still conquor evil, still get dirty (it won't stick!!!), never have a bad hair day or ruin her tights, move her quickest in heels, never break a nail. No one made fun of the way she dressed, had a cool invisible airplane, and never ever turned from a challenge.

Wonderfully, delightfully written!