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LOL! Great job!
God bless the moms of the world. I can't even manage my cats so its a good thing the Lord didn't entrust me with kids. Good job.
Definitely could relate to the situation, this could have been happening at my house, lol.

It was a little disconcerting and difficult to follow with so many paragraph breaks, but maybe that was the point?
Oh man, do you live in my house? I have 2 girls 17 months apart who share a room and also 2 boys 16 motnhs apart who share a room. The main problem is I have 2 neatniks and 2 slobs, one of each gender. One of my neatniks asked whether she and her neatnik brother could share a room, and then she would never have to worry about tidying up again - oh if only it were so easy!!

Good writing - you had me from the first sentence.
A humorous take on a frustrating situation. Nicely done :)
I liked the paragraph breaks - when I'm tired I think in a very similar way. Its no different with boys. Very good read, a genuine 'know how you feel' moment. God bless.
Kimberly -

I only have one child, but I sure do remember the trials my sister and I put my mother through as we grew up!

I loved the way you pulled it all together to close.

Great Job!

Oh dear, have you visited my house? I have 5 boys and it seems that there's always at least 2 arguing. This was realistic and well-done. And I thought your format worked well - just the way I think when I'm tired or stressed. Well done.