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Wonderful! What a sweet story! (The only thing I would suggest is to put Ms. Lori W. early on to clarify who Lori is...)
It put a smile on my face, too. What a gentle lesson :)
This has a really light and natural pace, and the sceane is set very effectively. Poor little bloke! But a lovely way to put a smile on his face. God bless
I loved what the gap meant! Beautiful and clever! I used to tell my daughter that the Rose Prince bent down and kissed her on the cheek one day as she was walking by.

My only suggestion would be in the second paragraph. To switch the two sentences after the teacher asked if Aaron was okay.

Lovely story!
very cute and i can relate - before i had dental work i also had a gap between my front teeth and i hated it. perhaps if i had a teacher like that i would not have hated it so much!
This is utterly charming!

A few minor edits: band aides should be bandaids, and Hill Billy should be hillbilly.

The reason behind the gap is just captivating. I loved this.
Oh, what a heart-warmer! This one made me smile (and almost wish I had a gap between my teeth!) Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
This is another one I really liked. Very creative, Deb!!! I think that Hill Billy is one word, though (Hillbilly). I never had a gap between my teeth but I know how it hurts to be teased. Great characters.
Great story and point. It is so true that we show Jesus the most when we give smiles to those who torment us. A very uplifting piece. I need to go and read more of your stuff.
A beautiful story with a wonderful lesson...let people see Jesus in you. Thanks for writing this.
Wow! This was cute! Great work! Keep it up!
Very cute story...pulled me back to when my child was young. The gap in the teeth was perfect!
Awwww, this was such a cute story! Well done, Debbie!
I don't think I've ever read this one. What a cute story!